Ciara McInnes is an artist and architect based in Glasgow, Scotland.

She is inspired by the city, urban landscapes, street art and Japanese printmaking. Her work covers subjects including the built environment, abstract landscapes and memory of place.

Her work has a focus on traditional processes and craftsmanship with every piece printed by hand.

Represented by Hansford & Sons, London.


I am excited to announce I will be taking up the 'What If' Residency at SaltSpace, Glasgow. Supported by the Glasgow City Heritage Trust the 'What If' residency facilitates disciplines and contemporary practice that directly relates to questions, problems and ideas around Glasgow's built environment.

During my residency I'll be exploring some of Glasgow's lost landscapes. Looking specifically at four key sites across Glasgow, I'll be creating a series of prints that explore the life and death of famous mid-century towers and their legacy now they are gone. 

To follow my progress, check out my social media channel or visit the SaltSpace website.


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